Revusion is a flat responsive, modern and clean design theme. Comes with many feature and super flexible. There are several different layouts, one of them are the blog and contact to ensure that you can pick exactly what you want your site to look like. Equipped by Slider Revolution Responsive Wordpress Plugin and is very important that our theme makes it special is focus on details the highest quality code and you can get layered PSD Files. With New Features of Wordpress 3.9 & 4.x, Revusion has been coded to improve capability of the Wordpresss 3.9 & 4.x, features.

Support :

Revusion - Flat Corporate WordPress Theme

Revusion - Flat Corporate WordPress Theme

Revusion - Flat Corporate WordPress Theme Revusion - Flat Corporate WordPress Theme

Revusion - Flat Corporate WordPress Theme

Revusion - Flat Corporate WordPress Theme

Revusion - Flat Corporate WordPress Theme

Revusion - Flat Corporate WordPress Theme

Revusion - Flat Corporate WordPress Theme


  • Flat Corporate Design
  • Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • Unlimited Color
  • WPML Support
  • SEO Ready
  • PSD Included

Support :


3.0 version (02/02/2016) :
  • Update : Make compatibility with wordpress 4.4
  • Update : Revolution slider versin 5.1
  • Update : Add Sticky Menu
2.0 version (09/081/2014) :
  • Update : revolution slider to version 4.6.0
1.2 version (08/01/2013) :
  • Fixed : shortcode menu in WP 3.9
  • Bugfix : iframe single blog post
1.0.1 version (05/07/2014) :
  • Fixed : has_shortcode function to be compatible with wordpress 3.6
  • Fixed : ipad potrait issue

1.0 version (07/18/2013) :

  • First Release



  1. Intelligent-Design

    The administration of the theme is poorly designed, and is the reason I will purchase future themes from another author.
    1. The color samples do not represent the default colors.
    2. The color samples do not change when you change the hex value.
    3. There are not options to change every element’s color. (for example, ‘pagetitle’)
    4. The built-in ‘Customize’ feature of Wordpress is unused, but this should be where all colors may be changed.
    5. “Layout options” is not found under “Layout Settings”, but rather under “Sidebar settings” for an example of hard-to-find settings.

  2. webcentre

    On the blog pages, is there a way I can take away having my image on east post?

  3. 5918dg

    Good Afternoon,

  4. jobballard


  5. pinkkkkkkk


  6. martijn90


  7. webfaith5

    I have a square type logo which is 136×103. When I upload my logo the template crunch/squeeze my logo and it looks terrible. How can I get my logo to fit correctly.

  8. milasupport

    Hi – I would like to know howto, on the Blog page, only show a small part of every Blog entry? This is “turned on” in options, but it still show the complete text of every Blog entry.
    And one other thing: howto change the “Revusion” text where the logo should be if i had one?

  9. sirotseta

    Very nice theme. How much can you customize the layout – especially the header? For instance can we put logo in the middle? Also the Blog side bar font seems to be clipped in my browser.

  10. SaraMichelle

    I am not happy with the customer service on this theme at all. I’ve asked multiple questions and have to wait DAYS for a response IF I even get one!!

  11. appds

    Hello, is not working with Android smartphone. Page don’t load completely.

  12. bgodnik

    Don’t expect support from the author and don’t expect the version of the Revolution Slider to be up to date. In fact, it’s best if you don’t expect anything from this theme author.

  13. Kuncoro

    Got crash with Wordpress 3.6. Apparently the function has_shortcode() at theme-functions.php crashes with new WP 3.6 function with similar name. For a short hack, I changed the function name to haz_shortcode().

  14. karpatpolat


  15. dominate

    Hi there,

  16. devmia


  17. ihassann2

    Great theme, before i purchase it i have a few questions. I would like to use this for Towing Company website.

  18. visionquest99

    About to purchase. Can you tell me:
    1. Can the gallery page become the homepage?
    2. Can the images on the gallery page point/link to any page we wish?

  19. cbarnhart

    I tried the support forum but it does not seem to be working… In my portfolio view only 3 items show no matter what I do. How do I change this to show more?

  20. mrsouza


  21. kmurray

    I have 2 questions, I am trying to find out how to adjust the size of the logo. You have posted this url as the answer: however, when I try to find my “License Certificate” to get the purchase code, my Themeforest downloads page only takes me to a Regular License page with generic text, not the “purchase code” that you are talking about, so I can’t access that URL to get the answer I need.

  22. camouyer


  23. roshu123

    Hi.. We purchased this theme and are experiencing a lot of trouble when we embed any contact us form and carousel of recent works on the same page, the contact us form does not appear. This is happening for either of the two. I have also posted this on your forum but there is no reply from your side.

  24. Ultrahip


  25. scherer2web

    Hi, is sample content included?

  26. phil5929

    Just updated to WordPress 3.9.1 and now the site is having a issue!

  27. sinclairnorf

    I’m having an issue with radio buttons not appearing in forms. When I embed a FormStack form there are no radio buttons. They just don’t appear, but the questions do. The buttons appear in the standalone form.

  28. Bedros

    Great style! Congrats Indonez, wish you the best with sales.Kind regards,Bedros

  29. ESPGloball

    Hi there. I am experiencing a 404 error on my Home page. It occurred after I deleted the “Sample Page.” I tried making a new page called “Home” and setting the homepage to this new page from the theme options however my navigation now has two Home links. Any ideas?

  30. Intelligent-Design

    I just updated to Wordpress 3.6 and was faced with a completely broken theme. I had to fix it immediately and the fix was simply to open theme-functions.php and change all occurrences of

  31. Ultrahip

    I just noticed now, when I create new categories, it doesn’t show at all in the Portofolio nav breadcrumb.

  32. ESPGloball

    Howdy. I would like to add some additional icons to the icons included in the theme. My question is will the icon shortcode still work and grab the new icons if they are placed in the same folder as those already included? Also, will retina support still work if I add a larger duplicate icon with the suffix ”@2x” ?

  33. SaraMichelle

    My client decided not to even continue using your theme. Because I couldn’t get simple questions answered I had to waste time & start over with a new theme. Please refund my money as I won’t even be using this theme now.

  34. phildegruchy

    Hi there,

  35. timparker

    Hi there,
    Love the theme.
    My question relates to the built-in SEO capability within your theme:
    – For the SEO Keywords section, for multiple keywords, how should these be entered into the text box? Should they just be entered in and separated each by a comma?

  36. ShadowSong

    Pre sales question. I see you have 8 different layout options. Can we mix and match? Like if I like the first layout option but I want to swap the Recent Works section out and replace it with a section from another layout, or just take it out and leave it out?

  37. Kenni93

    Hey, how do I find the cat_ids for the portofolie shortcode?

  38. gigivega

    guys! support is not working? I need to find out how to customize logo size

  39. HuberUS

    Beautiful theme. I can’t use anything that doesn’t support IE8, but this one makes me wish I could.

  40. Ultrahip

    I have bought your theme, great design.

  41. rsedlacek

    I’m following your instructions for importing the demo data for the Revusion theme using the Wordpress Importer and keep getting the following error message…

  42. eddievelez


  43. juanrane

    Hi, Only boxed?

  44. fajrialhadi

    halo gan, saya pembeli theme revusion..
    punya masalah nih, kenapa ya tampilan web saya gak sama dengan halaman demo nya ?
    web saya :

  45. saputrad

    Keren om!

    Good luck with the sales

  46. ScottSakamoto

    Hi – I just purchased your Theme Revusion and like many CAN NOT IMPORT “SAMPLE DATA” = this is not my first Rodeo.

  47. Stratur

    Does theme has both side sidebar option?

  48. pelao84

    how do I add social icon youtube?

  49. scherer2web


  50. ESPGloball

    Hi there,

  51. Optical-Circuit

    Nice theme, but needs some re-coding. Is there an easy way to order team members individually? It’s highly needed.

  52. Ugurkan

    Good work

  53. VanquishFXUK

    Hi, Loving the theme other than not being able to get my portfolio item to show on page, i’ve followed all your instructions and try both ways suggested and yet have not luck. When setting my page as a portfolio page it shows the filter options but nothing else and when trying the shortcode method i don’t see anything, please help.

  54. aribann

    instead of boxed is there a wide version

  55. Indonez

    We have fixed the issue about conflict function in WP 3.6. Please download again this theme on themeforest Dasboard >> Download.

  56. webcentre

    I noticed that the pricing packages don’t display in Google Chrome, unless you collapse it down to mobile view. Why does that happen?

  57. Sharkbiscuit

    Hi there, thinking to purchase this lovely theme. One question, can I create categories on the team page? For example, web design team, graphics team, developers team ext. Thank you,

  58. holdes


  59. louiejie

    Very nice! Good luck

  60. Ink-Labs

    Hi m8! How about logo picture? Seems to have a fixed size but there’s nothing inside official documentation about dimensions. CAn you tell me anything?

  61. themeloy

    Nice theme

  62. mtchandler

    Do you all have a “toy box” version of this theme? I am getting ready to redo my business Web site and would like to see the back end and how things are working if not can I please see a copy o fate documentation before purchase to better understand ho the theme is designed? I would only need about 45 min with the back end to see how things are done. Thanks for your time and your theme.

  63. Ultrahip


  64. 18Stone

    On individual portfolio pages my breadcrumb nav is not working correctly. Example of breadcrumb nav: HOME > PORTFOLIO > SPL 10000

  65. eclectic3

    The button links don’t work when the site is viewed on a mobile device, any solutions please?

  66. pelao84

    how active the 2 languages???

  67. RhysThornton


  68. appds

    Hello, do you have admin demo? Thanks!

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