Responsive Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Foreal is an Elegant, Super Clean Black and White WordPress Theme. Its easy to customize with the powerful backend and with the power of Visual Composer, you can build websites in seconds. This package is enough to create a website of your style, such as personal portfolio, design agency, photography, magazine, personal blog and any modern business. Best customer support is with you, so can create website easily without any hassles.

Foreal - Clean Black and White Theme

Some of the Features are listed below.

  • Light & Dark version
  • Separate breadcrumb image option for all pages
  • Unique blog single page design
  • Portfolio carousel in fullwidth
  • Blog posts pagination done in ajax load with previous and next
  • Loadmore ajax option for portfolio
  • Advanced dummy data importer
  • Options to customize colors and fonts of almost every elements of theme
  • Packed with latest versions of WPBakery Visual Composer, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer, Responsive Styled Google Maps, LayerSlider WP, Revolution Slider

NOTE: Images used in the demo are not included for download, these images are copyrighted, if you are planning to use the photos we can provide the links to buy license.

* Foreal – Responsive Multipurpose Theme Change log *

2017.05.26 – version 1.4

 * Fix - Twitter not working issue
 * Fix - Breadcumb image not appearing in ios
 * WordPress 4.7.5 compatible
 * WooCommerce 3.0.7 compatible
 * Packed with WPBakery Visual Composer 5.1.1
 * Packed with Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.12 
 * Packed with Layer Slider 6.4.0
 * Packed with Revolution Slider

2016.12.30 – version 1.3

 * Bug Fixes

2016.12.05 – version 1.2

 * WordPress 4.6.1 compatible
 * Woocommerce coupon code update css issue fixed
 * Global page layout option updated
 * Mailchimp updated to latest api 3.0
 * Updated to latest version of all third party plugins
 * SSL compatible updated
 * Dummy data content optimized
 * Unyson importer plugin support

2016.07.15 – version 1.1

* Packed with revolution slider demo data
 * Responsive issues - Fixed

2016.07.09 – version 1.0

 * First release!


  1. szthemes

    Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale

  2. jakublewy

    Welcome, Theme have problem with searching, check this beacause in your DEMO is still, problem with loop, when I searching something like “test” theme show me 404 not found x 100 items not one, check this: and tell me where I must repair this in code

  3. krzma

    Good day. I am having a problem with the Foreal Theme. Since I updated a few moments ago, the following features are not working:

  4. FitzMC

    Hello. I need you to update your theme. When I update to the newest wordpress update it throws off the whole website!

  5. joomlastars

    Good Job, Good Luck With Sales

  6. 360grad-creations


  7. onethirty

    I am happy with the footer on our page when viewing on a PC however, I would like the footer to be more compact on the mobile devices. Any suggestions on how to do this.

  8. janxcode_team

    Excellent theme. Professional and clean. Good luck with the sales

  9. vonswanko

    Hey there, will you be updating the theme Foreal to work with the newest update of WooCommerece?

  10. etsythemeshop

    This is a great theme, but how do I change the speed of the testimonial slider?

  11. klimmeckl


  12. marcoux

    Hi… Can i change the place int he page of the title of the blog article… i want it after the slider… thanks!

  13. Racod

    Hi there, I would like to instal the dummy data.. ive been readinf the isntructions and i dont see the button ” Importer” .

  14. FitzMC

    Hello. I am having issues adding a “mail:to” tag to the “contact info” module. See screenshot. When I add in the code and update the page the email doesn’t even show up. I want the email address to open an email once clicked.

  15. feliciavolz

    Is there a way to make the main picture (where the trees are) shorter?

  16. Rantala

    Hi my responsive menu doesnt work. Could you please gimme a hand?

  17. 360grad-creations


  18. krzma

    I purchased this theme and have set up my home page. I am facing 2 issues, I am not getting any paralax on the Revolution slider on my home page. Also, my logo and menu are disappearing even though I have set it to be sticky. Please help.

  19. lalaboowho

    Hello, can you review the top nav on Safari. The black bar still appears and the menu is not centered. The other browsers are updated, but can’t seem to figure out why Safari has not changed. How can I remove the breadcrumb image and main title on the product pages. Thank you

  20. FitzMC

    Hi. I need some help with the mobile menu.

  21. 360grad-creations


  22. niteowlcre8ive

    Do we not have the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer activation?...

  23. niteowlcre8ive

    Is there an activation code for visual composer?

  24. FitzMC

    Hi. I purchased your theme but it is not letting me download it from the downloads screen. Is there a way you can send me the zip file?

  25. CiarnelliDesigns

    This comment is currently being reviewed.

  26. AZahir123456

    Hi there!

  27. mabikus

    pot Files included ? Translation ready ?

  28. FitzMC

    Hi. I need some assistance with the text on my banner. I added a drop shadow to the css and it is not showing up on desktop. Only mobile and tablet.

  29. madhu1985

    visual composer is not working , please let me immediately ,

  30. Naets


  31. randommovies90

    How do I remove or change the picture for the panel with the tree image?

  32. joomlastars

    Good Job, Good Luck With Sales

  33. friedrichmusolf


  34. ryanmiller1122

    i am trying to install dummy content. when i run importer trying to import attacvhments and importing all then i click the button, an icon spins for a few seconds then a black bar shows up then nothing, and no content is imported.

  35. mattkittrell

    i am having trouble setting up the footer like the demo i have imported all content but cant get the footer background image to look right. please help

  36. harveychase

    Hi, thanks for the great theme. A couple of issues.

  37. Webagent05

    Hi there,

  38. szthemes

    Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale

  39. bccadmin

    It’s a beautiful theme on desktop and tablet, but it doesn’t display right at all on a phone. This makes me hesitant to purchase. I will hold off at least until a fix is made.

  40. pdube

    I keep receiving this message, I just bought the theme, should be the most current version.

  41. blucado


  42. harveychase

    Hi, regarding the “sticky menu,” I would like it to become sticky as soon as the user starts scrolling.

  43. grivita53


  44. saihoai

    Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale !

  45. take457

    “CHOOSE YOUR LAYOUT” is displayed after logging out of a management screen when I look at the site.
    Please tell me the method to delete.

  46. lalaboowho

    Hello, Can you help me make the main image on the home page stay in view on mobile and size down so you can see more of the person. I’m also trying to center the navigation and remove the black header background. I don’t want to remove the black low opacity header background on the sticky version when you scroll. Is there a way to remove the black border outline on the single images at the bottom of the home page where the logos are placed?

  47. tuningpower

    Hy, i had the same error as the last comments above.

  48. Naets

    Hi, how do i create a map like the one on the theme preview contact page?

  49. kojimataki

    Excuse me, Sir.
    I was buy your theme today.
    And I have question about portfolio on the top page.

  50. ideenfalle

    I’ve bought your theme but after the installation I want to activate the theme.
    If I activar the Foreal Theme I get the white screen – front- and backend.

  51. Naets

    Hi, great theme. Just one thing I need help with – I uploaded a new font but how do I get to use that font? It does not appear in the “Font Family” dropdown.

  52. Liquefyd17

    On a new wordpress install, after importing demo content I have 2 vertical scroll bars while 90% of the home page is cut off. I followed the instructions in the documentation; not seeing what I did wrong. I just bought the theme thank you

  53. EliseoAdv

    Hello, great nice theme ! But I have a problem: it does not display images ! Every time I insert an image can appear a gray default screen ! Why?

  54. tpagliuca

    Hello – I am having trouble replacing the header image. I have followed the instructions in documentation but the image remains the faded trees that came with the theme. How do I override this and put in my own image?

  55. janxcode_team

    Excellent theme. Professional and clean. Good luck with the sales

  56. tpagliuca

    Hello – I’m working on the look of the post pages and wondered if there’s a way for me to edit the following things:

  57. hsn-krc

    Thank you.

  58. tpagliuca

    I just wrote separately about problems I’m having with the header space on post pages. I would like to add that when I upload a large image ( the post title is still too high on the page, and for some reason is displaying as double. Can you help? Thanks.

  59. take457

    It is scrolled to the bottom, and a purpose is over when I scroll a page with a mouse.
    Can you cancel automatic scroll?
    Please tell me the method.

  60. teqmedia

    Just installed the theme on two sites (demo site for reference purposes and main site), and on both sites I’m encountering the following error when I visit the site:

  61. randommovies90

    Hello, I’ve just purchased your theme and ran into an issue. When using the Buddha panel, trying to add a logo or change the layout design, I can not save. When I click the “SAVE ALL” button at the bottom, it changes to “SAVING…” but it never actually saves anything, so I can’t make any changes to the site. Please help.

  62. espressoweb14


  63. spolocenstvoku

    can I find any video tutorials on installation and further design changes of the Foreal theme? Thnx.

  64. althrin

    I am having a problems with adding a revolution slider in place of the breadcrumb, or atleast a video in the breadcrumb like one of your examples. This is frustrating, where can I add this?

  65. friedrichmusolf


  66. LindseyReilly

    Hi, is it possible to change the shape of the header image and how much control will I have over the colors of the site? Can this theme only be black and white?

  67. athenapm

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