Electro is a Premium Responsive Magento theme with extremely customizable admin settings. Suitable for every type of store.
Great as a starting point for your custom projects.
Perfect responsive multistore magento theme.
Untimated Colors Power Admin.
This theme includes 10+ extensions.
On Home page you can quickly show Bestsellers, New, Featured, Random, Latest and Special products, customizable multi tabs, multi rows, grid, slider easy config in Admin Panel .

Compatible with Color Swatches

Compatible with Magento: 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 2.x

Electro - Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme Electro - Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme

Main Features

  • Fully Responsive
  • 3 home page layout
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Support & Update
  • Ajaxcart
  • Quickview
  • Elevatezoom
  • Fancybox Lightbox
  • Thumbslider Image Product
  • Hover for Product Image(custom)
  • Social Icon
  • Latest Tweets(custom)
  • Facebook Likebox (custom)
  • Product Labels
  • Brand Slider
  • Blog
  • Testimonial
  • Top Menu with Extra menu
  • Main Banner slider
  • Tabs Category
  • Tabs product


  1. l1s14

    Virtual Memory Usage limit this is theme….why..??

  2. oasistechcity

    I have design issue in the header after custom login. It is not same as in your demo. Please check
    You can check it here after login

  3. majesty1418

    What files were changed in newest update? The changelog is not updated with latest file changes.

  4. imkxd

    Support Magento 2.1.6?

  5. kudzudev

    I have some pre-purchase questions about Demo 3 for Magento 2.

  6. babakerim


  7. greentealeaf

    hi, does it work with Magento 2.1.6?

  8. lelotech

    How to remove text on Newsletter ”...and receive $20 coupon for first shopping.” above footer

  9. eletrosom

    Is this template compatible with Magento Enterprise 2.1.3?

  10. wiseprt


  11. insideweb

    This comment is currently being reviewed.

  12. softzen

    Hello, we just purchased Electro, but when we install the template (substitute the app and pub folders), Magento totally crashes. What would be the cause of it and do we actually have to exactly substitute the app and pub folders from the theme directory?

  13. iSolveAfrica

    after install there is not sample data in there …sent a ticket Ticket #1237

  14. babakerim

    I added German, Turkish and English to my website. But flags does not show as your demo. How can I solve this problem ?

  15. UCodeX

    I like the design, but i can see a lot of bugs in term of functionality, Wish you can fix it very soon:

  16. frajdej

    Hi. Can I disable border radius on page over CSS?

  17. tescioneangelo

    Hi i have installed the electro theme for magento.

  18. riccardofeltre

    Can I install theme with composer? thanks

  19. mazenelmasry

    support rtl ?

  20. guangzhen


  21. maxiolab

    Nice clean style. GLWS!

  22. maxiolab

    Nice clean style. Best of luck with sales!

  23. zanettiarreda

    Hi, I’m interested to buy this template but I have a question: Can I change the main color of template (yellow) directly by admin manel of magento? Or I have to change the code of the file?
    Thanks you very much

  24. skypluto

    I am interested in this theme, is the theme tested with Is it easy to install with

  25. szthemes


  26. siuc


  27. majesty1418

    Hello. Has anyone tested the Structured Markup Data on this template. I see many questions/concerns over design or features but no one has asked or chimed in on the SEO aspect of this template which is wayyyy more important. If devs or anyone that has purchased this product could chime in on the SEO aspect of this template I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  28. BRYSS

    This comment is currently being reviewed.

  29. iSolveAfrica

    If I install the Magento 1.9 version and i want to later move to Magento will that be a problem. Because as i use Magento 1.9 cos i want to make use of plugins but later in the next year or 6 months would want to use Magento 2 .Possible and what will be the risk factor

  30. m_hassan

    The theme is not fully translatable specially the newsletter block and I opened a ticket but didn’t get respond yet 2 days ago.

  31. Sabirsmaa

    Can you pls let me know the changes you made on the last version of the theme?

  32. frajdej

    Hi. Is the possibility to see product with more sophisticated description, like pictures. I have products with long descriptions and pictures in. Second is, can I see example look of grouped product and product with related products?

  33. transfashions

    I need to know if this theme is compatible with Magento 2.1 and will you install this theme if I provide admin and FTP credentials after purchasing this theme as I already have Magento 2.1 installed.

  34. frajdej

    Hi. Is there no option, to change maximum height and widht for top logo? My logotype doesn’t look good with default settings.

  35. frajdej

    Does it have quick start package for Magento 1 and 2?

  36. frajdej

    When should we expect Magento2 demo files in version 2.10? This version have lot of fixes. Isn’t time to update demo too?

  37. rahultalreja

    Dear sir,

  38. tescioneangelo

    hi, i want change icon-shopping-bag,. I want a image of cart and not a bag.

  39. UCodeX

    Can i know where this theme for magento 2.0 will work exactly as the magento 1.9 version ?? Drop down language.. add to cart notification if” continue shopping or checkout ” etc I waiting for an accurate response if you will do that soon for version magento 2. then i will place my order.

  40. fieldthemes

    Nice theme GLWS

  41. ps3z

    Nice theme! GLWS expecting to see for prestashop

  42. babakerim

    Dear Sir/Madam,

  43. joomlastars

    Nice work done, Good Luck

  44. olegcrew

    I have some pre-purchase questions about Demo 3 for Magento 2.

  45. bhaskarsharma09

    Hi Team, I have installed this theme and it is great. Can i get the PSD of the banners as well?

  46. biill

    which plugin can i add to make this a multi vendor theme

  47. majesty1418

    This comment is currently being reviewed.

  48. samirodeh

    Hi, How to make this theme as Multi-Vendor ?! your support is really appreciated.

  49. alexmseo

    Where I modify the pop-up of newsletter?

  50. frajdej

    Hi. I’m getting blank page, trying edit Magic menu>Manage Extra Menu. What can be problem?

  51. siuc


  52. sergiuchiriac

    I tried to install this theme on magento 2 but i can not finish the setup. When I run the magento setup:di:compile command on step 4 I get this error: [RuntimeException]
    Class Magiccart\Magicmenu\Model\ResourceModel\Magicmenu\CollectionFactory does not exist

  53. alexmseo

     ajaxcart (“Product” was added to your shopping cart
    You have 3 item (s) in your shopping cart.
    View Cart Continue)
    works on Magento 2?

  54. hsie

    hi, just wonder if there is wordpress version for this theme? I want to have a combination of wordpress and magento, thanks!

  55. babakerim

    My website is oyuncaq.com.az From CONTENT > Configuration > Edit > Header > Logo Image I added logo and write width=300 & height=50 But in header logo shows width=180 & height=31. How Can I solve it ?

  56. Svict

    I liked yours theme
    Where you can see the documentation for this theme?

  57. artbart

    Great work! Good luck

  58. spoursho

    Hi! How can I remove “All Categories” drop down from search box.

  59. armandas7

    Hi, is there a change log of upgrades? Any plans to make prestashop version?

  60. UCodeX

  61. flomi

    Please give me instructions to install magento theme in 2.1.1 that I bought and installation but failed and I bought a theme can not install. There are always errors

  62. ctutelekom

    glws do you planned opencart version too? frontend looks amazing..

  63. saihoai

    Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale

  64. spoursho

    When I’m trying to Edit Magicslider and Upload .jpg files it is saying ‘Disallowed file format’. What is the solution?

  65. tescioneangelo

    i have another problem: Cna i don’t show short description of product to category page ?

  66. armandas7

    Hi, a great jobb, i love it. Would be any prestashop version?

  67. AlekseyZhdanov

    Nice work GLWS

  68. crodriguesmg

    Hi, How I can configure Mega Menu like the sample? In Motobike and Laptop and Computers, thanks

  69. tinhthi101

    Nice work! Do you have ajax search feature on search widget ? And in version 2 i didn’t see drop down list of categories near search box, is it a bug ?

  70. WinkyTheme

    Is there a possibility of an Opencart theme?

  71. Nine-Themes

    Wow! Congratulations

  72. jstubbs3

    I’m interested in purchasing this theme for Magento 2. Does this theme come with it’s own blog for Magento 2 or does it require an added extension? I’ve bought one theme already for Magento 2 only to find out they created a fake blog page and the theme actually didn’t have a blog it requires a $349 extension to have a blog.

  73. ktfelix

    Dear sir/madam, when I install the quickstart, I get the tips:Fatal error: Call to a member function getIdFieldName() on a non-object in /home/oudos/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Abstract.php on line 151
    would you tell me how to fix it?
    Best wishes

  74. darioncfc

    I am interested in purchasing this team. However, i would like to know if it is easy to customize and config, eg editing categories etc….

  75. guangzhen

    Hi, May i know how to change top header email address and phone no?

  76. logmedia

    Hello! I have purchased today “Electro – Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme”, but I can’t download it. The download stops working. I’ve been trying for two hours. Your contact page does not work! http://alothemes.com/# Please contact us as soon as possible or email us the latest file! Thank you.

  77. babakerim

    How can I edit “Special Offer” product which is in the middle of homepage?

  78. bcube

    Very well done GLWS

  79. iSolveAfrica

    Having issues with installation check Ticket #1237

  80. alexbranco85

    Hello, the theme is whole with bugs. I tried to install by quickstart mode and theme mode, and in any case it gets buggy. Slider does not work, mini cart in header does not work. It looks like all scripts are in error. Can you help me?

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