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Getleads is a versatile, high-performance landing page solution for marketing professionals. Built with HTML5 & CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into this theme making it a pleasure to use. There are currently more than 215 elements section available in Getleads with more on the way.
Getleads landing page is perfect suit for many product or services, starting from business, marketing, agency, startup, app, corporate, portfolio, creative, flat, education, e-learning, software, web service, consulting, yoga, fitness, construction, carpenter, wood working, event, conference, health, medical etc.

IMPORTANT: Support is offered exclusively in our Help Desk not here in the comments section.

Getleads  High-Performance Landing Page WordPress Theme
Getleads  High-Performance Landing Page WordPress Theme

Getleads  High-Performance Landing Page WordPress Theme

  • Infinite potential page variations .
  • 9 Marketing Landing Pages.
  • More than 215 Unique content blocks.
  • 900+ Icons ready to use
  • Visual Drag & drop page builder
  • MailChimp integration
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Easy Editing for Builder?s elements.
  • Some cool Extensions
  • Extensive Documentation included.
  • Top-notch support

Getleads  High-Performance Landing Page WordPress Theme

Version 1.3 - Oct 16 16
FIXED - Fix responsive bg image issue.

Version 1.1 - Jul 28 16
* Added  - Multi page version added
* Added  - slider home page added
* Added  - Mega menu added
* Fix Some known issues

Version 1.0 - Jul 26 16
* initial Release 


  1. janxcode_team

    Great job. Impressive design and functionalities. Good luck with the sales

  2. theresultscenter

    Hello XpeedStudio, I would like to buy this awesome theme but before that can you give me a demo website login credentials so that i can go through that website to understand better. Thank You.

  3. searchingt87

    Oops, Unyson Backup requires PHP Zip module but it is not enabled on your server. If you are not familiar with PHP Zip module, please contact your hosting provider. Could you please support?

  4. Pranab

    Demo Content is not installing successfully even after following the instructions on your support site.

  5. AlekseyZhdanov

    Nice theme GLWS

  6. Pranab

    This comment is currently being reviewed.

  7. trendforge

    Hi! Does it have any built-in chart shortcodes?

  8. thekeepsake

    is it possible to export/import a template/page design between sites ?

  9. newmediabr

    The features ‘Different menu styles’, ‘Different footer styles’ and ‘+230 unique section’ are valid for the WordPress version?

  10. coaley001

    Hi, when is the woocommerce functionality going to be implemented? I purchased this theme some time ago as I read that you would be adding this functionality in your next update. Great theme though

  11. jwillbe

    Hi, does it support multi language, i.e. Chinese?

  12. saihoai

    Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale

  13. dovloo

    Hi there, any updates on Woocommerce till now?

  14. joomlastars

    Congratulations! Good Luck

  15. DEV-Themes

    Great work!

  16. mcl21us

    Hi… i cant find the bootstrap.css and navbar.less under assets/css/plugins/less/

  17. szthemes

    Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale

  18. woried

    Does it support RTL?

  19. matthewsafaii

    Hi, Is this theme still being maintained?

  20. EricProchnow

    nice work

  21. thekeepsake

    how to not using mailchimp ?... i’m using activecampaign but a simple HTML form is fine

  22. rjparkerjr

    deleted. I was wrong, sorry.

  23. ladybugseo

    hello, can you please tell me where i can change the text in the email box? where it says “just fill out the form below to get help from our qualified staff of doctors. It’s easy and fast..” – I can’t seem to find where to edit. Please help!

  24. hatimhattaonline

    Hello Admin, Can Iknow how to integrate “Easy Digital Downloads” or “e-commerce” plugin?

  25. Panamaster

    Hi! How wcan i remove the play button from the home style sliders?

  26. nhs99v

    Completely unable to change the Map address! Is it only set up for Australia?

  27. winalot

    Are the PSD files for the app mockups used in the demo included?

  28. dleodoro

  29. purplemoon

    whenever I update a page now the theme breaks for some reason. it adds sidebars to the page that was updated. Anyone have any ideas?

  30. hkpass

    I am not getting a response at the support desk. Or the contact form!

  31. thecloser101

    I am not happy with this theme. I would like to have a refund.

  32. simartin

    Hi there. I bought the theme a couple of weeks ago. Really impressed with it.

  33. Panamaster

    Hi, how can i chanyge the default sign up form settings, witout changing the design of the form. I use the consulting agent landing page, and at the very beggining of the page there is sign up form (95 % seo etc) i like to use this form, with my mail or mailchimp, but if i set up a mailchimp url, i lost the design of this form. Please help Thanks

  34. webpros21

    Hi how can I reduce the size of the heading h1, h2, h3, etc… ? 50px for a h1 seems way too big for the type of website Im trying to build.

  35. hatimhattaonline

    Hello Admin/Support

  36. hatimhattaonline

    Hello, i don’t understand why Contact form, don’t work? every time i try to enter my details and info after i click on contact us, its said Ajax error (more details in console)

  37. simartin



    how do i create a login or register page on “E-learning theme?

  39. hatimhattaonline

    I Have a problem with a blog section when I add new posts or modify the old one the disappeared, I don’t understand why? Also when I try to add new articles doesn’t show on my website? i need help

  40. janxcode_team

    Great job. Impressive design and functionalities. Good luck with the sales

  41. favour121

    Can I create my own home page design by mixing sections from different home page concept designs?

  42. dleodoro

    Looks like the demo is multi-page? Looking under shortcodes and those pages appear to be the multi page? Please let me know. Will buy soon

  43. syngmedia

    Can I change the top menu background color?

  44. mcl21us

    Hi… i cant find the bootstrap.css and navbar.less under assets/css/plugins/less/

  45. tileworker

    thank you for the reply about multipage option and slider. let us know when ready and I will buy. Thanks.

  46. hkpass

    I’ve submitted two separate tickets for issues I am having with the theme. Please help thanks.

  47. codefactory47

    Loved your creativity. Great job!

  48. Targon

    Does this plugin accept all auto responder and manual responder?

  49. tileworker

    will there be a multipage version of this?

  50. dleodoro

    Its a great theme. Very excited to get started, but Im having trouble installing the demo content. When I select one to install, it just hangs, then gives e this error:

  51. EricProchnow

    nice work

  52. newmediabr

    This WP theme has a page builder exactly as this html version (

  53. hayzee

    Can you please advise on the mobile responsiveness of the images shown in your demo, the images shown in the homepage title area (behind the contact form) and call to action sections lower down do not appear to scale on mobile or tablet (apple) devices, instead it displays at full size so only a small window of the image is shown on the mobile device. Try view the above link on an iphone and you will see this issue, on android it seems to scale?

  54. XpeedStudio


  55. kitton

    I worry before buying, some sections of the demos do not look good on my phone. Not so in the html demos on the phone they are perfect. Should I worry or just a mistake?

  56. LusineKa93

    Hi. Tell me please PSD files are included?

  57. kefjuh

    Great theme, I am looking to buy this one. Does it include a blogging section as well?

  58. Elzard

    HI there, when installing demo content, it gives an error:
    “Call to undefined method SplFileObject::seek() in /home/scotchlv/public_html/mamba/wp-content/plugins/unyson/framework/extensions/backups/includes/module/tasks/type/class-fw-ext-backups-task-type-db-restore.php on line 135”

  59. aminetia

    I just buy the theme , I can’t find the demo content ?

  60. favour121

    I am trying to build my own customized homepage layout by combining different sections from the pre designed homepage templates. How do I do that?

  61. techstock

    How do I create multiple landing pages for the same WordPress installation?

  62. vvilanova10

    Hello, I’m buying the subject and would like to know where I can buy the blue theme background.

  63. bgraedel

    There seem to be some errors in the current theme version.
    Please take a look at hooks.php:

  64. coaley001

    Hi, when is the woocommerce functionality going to be implemented? I purchased this theme some time ago as I read that you would be adding this functionality in your next update. Great theme though

  65. CharliBaltimore

    I am using the homepage version that has the request form. Can you tell me how can I get the form to submit to my email? I have tried it several times and I am not receiving anything. I tried both hosted emails and gmail. The form isn’t acting like it’s taken the information when I hit submit also. Please advise. Thanks

  66. QRiaz

    Need some help getting demo content in. When I try to upload, it says I need to activate zip extensions.

  67. fatboyinc

    Can you please tell me how to turn off the Page Header Image – I do not want it to show. Please tell how to hide it.

  68. joomlastars

    Congratulations! Good Luck

  69. nhs99v

    I’ve just registered with your support forum but its not accepting tickets despite all the details being filled in.

  70. DEV-Themes

    Great work!

  71. Aamirage

    Hi, I’ve purchased, and using the HTML version of this amazing template!

  72. bigbankclub

    I am guessing with the page builder one could custom build a page the way they want it. Video on the left, content on the right with submission form. Or all the demos is what you see is what you get?

  73. dpublishing

    I can’t figure out how to change the white and grey font color when it’s not a heading.

  74. Docner

    Hello Are all the 9 themes included for the price. I like the event theme and the blue theme.

  75. GM2015

    Hi where can i change the blog title font, it appears to be times new roman and i want lato / arial. Thanks

  76. mcl21us

    Hi i have an issue with mobile and table the toggle menu is not working on responsive. JS error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined

  77. adamlot

    Just purchased. I’ve tried to submit a ticket after I registered however the system won’t take the ticket. I am having trouble with contact page not delivering to admin. Please advise?

  78. Streetlike

    Where can I see an example of the blog section?

  79. szthemes

    Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale

  80. AZ-Theme

  81. saihoai

    Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale

  82. greatnorwegian

    What is the builder? VC?

  83. flashaholic

    is your Getleads Theme WPML compatible?

  84. fraglive

    Hi, is compatible with woocommerce ?

  85. rjparkerjr

    If I purchase this theme would you show me how I could have my phone number display right below the logo when viewed on a mobile phone and setup so that when a viewer clicked the phone number it would launch the mobile dialer? I love this them but in keeping with the whole concept of leads I want people to be able to reach me in the easiest way possible especially if they’re on a mobile phone.

  86. bealeti80

    hello, I installed the multipage version but when I edit any page and update them, they will automatically place a sidebar.
    How can I fix?
    thank you

  87. GraciousThemes

    here is the website
    One page get broken when I update header section. !! now what should i do?

  88. kitton

    Hello, any image slider option in the hero section?

  89. whitenexx

    I’ve found a bug within the wordpress theme. I can’t use the mailchimp forms because they don’t contain an http method (POST needed) within the form opening tag. Because of this, most browsers are using GET request as default method for forms. That doesn’t work with mailchimp because their endpoint doesn’t support GET requests. POST as form method is need. After adding POST method using chrome inspector it works fine. Where can i set the form method to POST or when will you fix this bug? Best regards Screenshot:

  90. rjparkerjr

    A couple pre-sales questions. First regarding the desktop view, would it be possible to have a phone displayed below or next to the logo as displayed in this mock up?

  91. AlekseyZhdanov

    Nice theme GLWS

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