Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign

Legislator WordPress Theme by Rescue Themes

It’s a new age on the web for politicians and government agencies. The Legislator WordPress theme will help usher your campaign to the masses in an elegant, bold and descriptive way. Legislator promotes action and interaction with your candidate or organization.

Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign

Responsive Design for Mobile Performance

This theme was built with professional level accessibility and performance in mind by using the Foundation 5 framework by the smart folks at Zurb. Your audience can engage with you on mobile devices with ease and if you’re a developer, you can customize it super fast and efficiently.

Legislator Features

  • 6 fully designed color skins: blue, red, green, purple, dark, and light.
  • Light, Clean and Responsive Design
  • Accept Donations seamlessly
  • Add Events for your organization
  • Display a filterable image gallery or portfolio
  • Collect emails with Mailchimp
  • Exclusive plugins including an About Me widget
  • Localized and includes .mo and .po for easy translation
  • Unbranded Theme Options Panel
  • Widgetized areas on the home page, sidebar and footer
  • Custom templates include home, full width, 404 and archive
  • Post Format Support: Standard, Asides, Images, Quotes, Links
  • Includes demo XML file with media
  • Fully layered PSD for customization
  • 100% GPL
  • Regular updates and professional support included.

Online Documentation

With our in depth knowledgebase, you’ll be ready to launch your site and sell products quickly:

View the documentations

Need Support?

Requesting support is as simple as sending a message. Make your way over to the support tab to get things rolling:

Go to the Support Tab

Theme Updates

Jan 1, 2017 - Version 1.8
    * Added LinkedIn Social Settings
    * Tested with latest WordPress version
Nov 23, 2015 - Version 1.7
    * Combined main stylesheet
    * Improved mobile display
    * Updated to native archive page title functions
    * Adding support for Give Donations plugin
    * Removing support for Seamless Donations
    * Adding support for Mailchimp for WordPress
    * Removing support for Mailchimp List Subscribe Form
    * Updated .pot translation file

Jun 10, 2015 - Version 1.6

    * Updated for The Events Calendar 3.9.3
    * Improved data validation
    * Fixed navigation link hover
    * Fixed Home Latest News section mobile bottom spacing
    * Removed TEC PRO templates
    * Removed Fadin to improve performance and greater flexibility
    * Removed default widget content
    * Added text domain to stylesheet and updated theme details
    * Updated Rescue Shortcodes install link from private repo to .org directory
    * Updated TGM activation to version 2.4.2
    * Updated Home bio summary from text area to editor
    * Updated language .pot file

Sep 3 2014 - Version 1.5

    * Updated Google Font links
    * Updated modernizr link
    * Updated to Foundation 5.4.5
    * Added child theme template to download package

Aug 4 2014 - Version 1.4.3

    * Updated to Foundation 5.3.3
    * Fixed textarea filter for CSS

Jul 15 2014 - Version 1.4.2

    * Updates for Events Calendar 3.6.1

Jul 09 2014 - Version 1.4.1

    * Resolved Events Calendar Pro notices in map view

Jul 07 2014 - Version 1.4

    * Added Custom CSS input to theme options panel
    * Updated to TGM Plugin Activation 2.4.0
    * Updated Font Awesome v4.1
    * Updated to Events Calendar Pro 3.6.1
    * Updated to Zurb Foundation 5.3

May 28 2014 - Version 1.3

    * Updated Events List widget for Events Calendar plugin version 3.6

May 21 2014 - Version 1.2

    * Added support for Events Calendar Pro
    * Updated license version to GNU v2.0

Apr 25 2014 - Version 1.1

    * Parent menu added to dropdowns for mobile navigation

Apr 14 2014 - Version 1.0

    * First Release


  1. Pixelaar

    Really nice!

  2. emmydirect

    Pre-purchase question

  3. s1larson

    My sidebar just dropped to the bottom of my inner pages. I have tried deactivating all plugins, purged the cache and even installed a fresh version of the theme, and it does not fix this. I need suggestions asap, it is a campaign page and voting starts tomorrow. Here is the site, hope you understand why i don’t put the direct address in here: http://tinyurl.com/jl82tgs

  4. bmichelle2001

    How do you remove the top bar w/ logo? I do not want it displayed.

  5. jazeppi

    Hey guys,

  6. smbyrne10


  7. nebtones

    Also how can the change the navigation font?

  8. jrudy

    Any issues with this theme and visual composer that you know of? Are they compatible with one another?

  9. pravdamien

    is this theme translation ready ?

  10. akkadius

    I did read that there was an issue regarding events, but I’ve downloaded the latest build and am completely up to date and my main page events are still broken. Any things to try? I’m on the road right now but I’m launching his campaign site today anyhow, here is the site:

  11. iJason

    My clients site has a fatal error on the site:

  12. bconnesso

    Hi, I have installed the template and demo content. However, the home page style is not exactly like what you created in live preview. My website is buzzfingers.com. Please check and advise. Thank you

  13. hickeymarketinggroup

    Do you have any documentation on how you got the look of the forms you did on the site in Contact Form 7. I love the look of the form on the demo with the full size submit button as well as the one with the name, email, and state field being shared with the submit. Any guidance you can give on this would be greatly appreciated.


    Hello, How can I get the exact Donate Form that the Live Preview has? It looks much cleaner. Must customer is having a hard time letting that look go, rather than the Seamless Donations form.

  15. nebtones

    Please how can I edit, remove or change the you tube video on the home page of this theme. Please reply me intermediately. Thanks

  16. princejainmba

    Hi, I have just purchased the theme and would like to add a full length banner instead of text, video and Mail Chimp login on Homepage top.. Please suggest.

  17. Feddroid

    Awesome template I want to buy it but I have some questions first. Can you add a page that’s only about “MEET YOUR LEGISLATOR”? Is this included?

  18. hickeymarketinggroup

    Good Evening,

  19. hickeymarketinggroup

    First of all I would like to thank you for creating such a great theme. I have a quick question. On the homepage where it says TAKE ACTION (on one line) with a red line underneath, for some reason when we imported the XML file it is breaking the text (TAKE ACTION) onto 2 lines which is not very aesthetically pleasing. Is there any way to get this back to the single line shown in the demo. I hope to hear from you soon.

  20. Bedros

    Serious, elegant feel.Congrats.

  21. jonesyb84

    Hi there, this is a pre-purchase question… I have a client who wishes to have a rather word heavy navigation. I know for sure that its not going to all fit on one line like the majority of navigations do. Is there a way that this theme will accommodate for that either by placing the words on two lines (ie. forna / forna) or the navigation itself running onto two lines without messing up the navigation mechanism?

  22. binghamdesign

    What service does the Donate feature use?

  23. ecsaonline

    On the front page, is it possible to display the full news posts rather than an extract?

  24. notionmotion

    Hi, I like the simplicity of this theme’s look.

  25. bmichelle2001

    What if you do not want to include the four large widgets in the footer? There is no way to delete this information. I tried to remove it from the stylesheet but it left a lot of space. There are not a lot of options with this theme which sucks because it’s really appealing, and I am trying but I’m not getting a response.

  26. dimensao07

    Friend, I bought this theme (legislator), but I’m finding it hard for these tasks:

  27. Popanu

    For some reason the events page on my site is broken. Are there any known issues with this theme and the events plugin?

  28. rob1_p

    Hi ! I’ve got a problem with the home page. I don’t find a way to change :
    1- the main video page
    2- and to edit the contact form on the same main page

  29. dmorson

    I am working with a client to setup their site using your “Legislator” theme. They would like to essentially make their site a one page site.

  30. ryanwillb

    How in the world do you change the video and contact form on the top of the Home page? There is nothing in the docs and nothing in the theme options?

  31. tripz0r

    Hello, I just purache this theme, and need to know how to have same this on demo “Take action” and i want to remove video and this section where video is.

  32. jazeppi

    Hi, I just bought the Legislator Wordpress Theme. I was wondering how you get the Home Hero Area to look like you did on the demo. I actually don’t need the vimeo video as I have added a Revolution Slider above this area. I just need the form full width instead or half width.

  33. elamus

    Can you help me with removing the top logo bar?

  34. webinane

    Wonderful features are given to build any political website. Good work

  35. Rob_Strickland

    Thanks for the great theme… I can’t wait to show it off to the World!
    I do have a few questions:
    1. I’d like to change the shade of blue for the skin, where can I do that?
    2. The events are not showing on the home page… how do i get those to display?

  36. FPSPurple

    I just purchased this theme. However the addon for the mailchimp tool is not available anymore. Can you send me a copy of yours for simplicity. My email is [email protected]

  37. kylesimmons

    Is it possible to change the number of columns in the footer widget area? I want just one text widget that takes up the entire area. Do I need to use a child theme to do this?

  38. outlaw24

    Like mfrazier35, I’m also trying to figure out how to change the home page video.

  39. elitechangeinc

    Is this theme compatible with wordpress 3.9.1 ?

  40. ejdooley

    Is there any recommended slider plugin that would work well on this theme in the home page main color box? I would love to put in a slider with the color box behind it fitting nicely around it. Also, I was looking to edit the CSS so that when the mouse hovers over a menu item, it highlights in a different color. Is there a way to do this? The theme’s css was a bit more intensive than I was expecting thus I ran into a few difficulties. Thanks.

  41. bmichelle2001

    I just purchased this theme, and need to know how to add the “Take Action” on the homepage and how to add my video. I’ve looked through your documentation and these instruction are not included. I’ve seen multiple question with the same problem. Could you post a solution on the board? I now have to wait for a reply and I wanted to get this site up and running. The documentation is not clear about homepage edits.

  42. mfrazier35

    I thought swapping out the homepage video would be super easy. It doesn’t look that way. Where are we able to swap the video out at?

  43. kimsiwon

    Can I create a website in the same theme sample amounts to $ 45?

  44. opentech

    Instead of reply by private messages why not answer the comment here so that buyers can setup their blog without delays. Many are asking simple things to change on the homepage. Like how to change the video. Why make it so hard? Why not reply here? Why not just provide the instructions on the documentation. I regret buying this theme. How do I change the video on the homepage????

  45. tgreenhaw

    I took a look at all of the political WordPress themes available and went with this one because of it’s modern and responsive design. Ran into a snag getting it up and running and the author went above and beyond to get it working for me. Really glad I went with the Legislator theme, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. Thanks!

  46. planetogle

    Hi there, Is it possible to use this theme with Visual Composer?

  47. elamus

    In Theme Options -> Home:Bio -> “Enter your bio summary text here (HTML will work too)” HTML does not work? Can you help me out.

  48. justinarman

    My events are not showing up properly on the homepage. I sent a support ticket but I figured your answer may help others. I have all the plugins and the latest updates: http://www.tagtexas.org/

  49. mfrazier35

    For anyone on the fence, buy this theme. It’s a solid theme. While some off the stuff to get it set up isn’t listed as in-depth as it could be, they make up for it in super helpful, quick support. Money well spent in my opinion!

  50. matchthemes

    Nice work, GLWS!

  51. DylanO123

    I was nervous as this was my first time using Wordpress and using this theme made it very simple. This theme made my life so much easier. I would recommend to a friend.

  52. KidCoke

    Any chance there is a quick fix to get this theme working in IE8?

  53. hogantg2

    Hey there – Great theme.

  54. EdgeMarketingDesign

    Does anyone know how to highlight the current page in the main navigation? Great theme btw

  55. imrathil

    I have send you a direct ticket, but didnt get any response, so here is my question again:

  56. henixu


  57. ThemeRox

    Really nice!

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