Stratus - App, SaaS & Product ShowcaseStratus - App, SaaS & Product ShowcaseStratus - App, SaaS & Product ShowcaseStratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase

An App, SaaS, Startup, & Product Showcase Theme

Stratus is a premium WordPress theme, designed specifically for App and SaaS companies, startups, product development companies, and businesses with a specific focus on lead generation, product and service showcasing as well as all the important features you need to make your business successful.

Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase


  • Beautiful responsive design
  • Easy to use Page Builder
  • Robust Theme Options Panel
  • Full WooCommerce support
  • Includes Master Slider Pro ($20 Value)
  • Touch optimized sliders
  • Easily create unlimited forms (optional plugin).
  • 25+ shortcodes based on Bootstrap
  • Built-in support for Google Fonts with 700+ fonts
  • Includes Glyphicons Pro with 1000+ icons
  • Boxed or Wide layout option
  • Sticky header for quick navigation (optional)
  • Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas (Widget Logic)
  • Easy content import

Technical Specs


Version 2.0.1 – April 13, 2017

Updates & Fixes
  • Added support and styling for WooCommerce 3.0+
  • Added support for Transparent Header on WooCommerce Shop pages
  • Updated to latest version of Master Slider
  • Fixed bug where links in top nav text get dark header style

Version 2.0 – January 28, 2017

New Features
  • 5 brand new demo pages (also included in import)
  • New text alignment options for theme slider

Updates & Fixes

  • Corrected WooCommerce bug where products shortcode showed 2 col on mobile
  • Corrected styling for 2 buttons on CTA meta box

Version 1.2.1 – December 08, 2016

New Features

  • Added support for The Events Calendar plugin
  • Added new Duplicate post feature in theme

Updates & Fixes

  • Improved support for WPML
  • Improved translation support
  • Fixed bug where some devices show background images incorrectly
  • Improved styling for WooCommerce grouped products
  • Updated all bundled plugins and add-ons

Version 1.2.0 – August 25, 2016

New Features

  • Added sticky header support for mobile
  • Added an additional Tour demo page

Updates & Fixes

  • Corrected issue with WP password protection feature
  • Added support for newest WooCommerce version
  • Improved support for bbPress

Version 1.1.4 – July 06, 2016

Updates & Fixes

  • Added support for new Google Map API key requirements
  • Added support for WooCommerce 2.6+
  • Corrected issue where portfolio navigation was swapped
  • Corrected styling for list items in service blocks

Version 1.1.3 – June 04, 2016

New Features

  • Added option for masonry style on category pages
  • Added option for blog page category filtering

Updates & Fixes

  • Updated WPML custom field settings
  • Added a set height to portfolio items for FireFox bug
  • Fixed bug with library search from ‘insert media modal’ not working
  • Add animation support for centered showcase image
  • Corrected styling bug with 1 column pricing table highlighted on small screen sizes

Version 1.1.2 – May 11, 2016

Updates & Fixes

  • Now includes the latest version of Master Slider
  • Added styling to make buttons wrap when needed
  • Added max-width for logos on small screen sizes
  • Added span tags into post meta to make it easier to hide individual parts
  • Corrected styling bug with Portfolio meta box title margins
  • Improved styling in footer for WP Custom Menu widget and WooCommerce Product Categories widget
  • Corrected bug with one-page links on standard header to make sure it always goes to the very top
  • Improved theme activation process and added Help links into Theme Options area

Version 1.1.1 – Feb 26, 2016

New Features

  • Added different cart icon options
  • Added option to hide cart icon

Updates & Fixes

  • Corrected styling for checkout table changes in WC 2.5
  • Corrected bug where cart icon appeared the wrong color
  • Corrected bug where menu font typography setting has no effect
  • Corrected bug with mailto links added as social media links
  • Fixed bug where sticky nav is overlapped by transparent header on scroll up
  • Corrected styling for top bar right margin
  • Improved support for Yoast SEO / Metabox plugin
  • Fixed tab wrap shortcode bug
  • Improved spacing for CTA with two buttons

Version 1.1 – Jan 12, 2016

New Features
  • Now includes the latest version of Glyphicons (v1.9.2)
  • Now includes the latest version of Master Slider
Updates & Fixes
  • Improved child theme ; corrected issue with mobile menu
  • Improved demo content import
  • Corrected bug with pagination when blog page template used as front page

Version 1.0 – Dec 17, 2015

  • Initial release


  1. kyangkees

    I wanna apply the ‘sign-up demo’ to may homepage. How can I do that?

  2. gencoglan

    I wanna only html, css and js files. Can I reach this files only.

  3. Bennsen84

    Hi there.
    I got two questios:
    1) How to disable the website preloader and
    2) are there any file with the urls from the images that you used for you demo website? Where i can buy those?
    Thanks and all the ebst.

  4. carasmaticdesign

    Does this theme support custom color schemes?

  5. qoder

    Just wanted to say you did a great job on the design and quality of this theme… Every time I run into an issue, there is a common sense solution built into the theme so I have not needed any support at all. The response times / page loads are also very good so no cache plugins are needed. Thank you very much for taking the time to build a lightweight, high quality theme with advanced design attributes.

  6. Apparatuspune

    i am unable to add files to media i get a http error

  7. aspurian

    How do you setup a 3 tier menu? There was 1 person who asked this but it was in a support ticket?

  8. PCMShaper

    Nice Theme, GLWS

  9. theSariel

    I love the theme but can somebody please tell me how i set up a category page in masonry theme? i don’t really understand it… thanks

  10. Yosoychicho

    Hello, Congratulation for the theme, it is really a great job.
    We need to traslate google map (View on Google Map) but we do not find how to. ¿can you please point me to the file wich made the call to google maps?
    Thank you in advance.

  11. drewjocham

    Does this theme come with the demo content? I wont use it but I need it to look like the demo out of the box so I can tailor it to the way I want it.

  12. marcosviniamancio

    Hi, in Slider Options – Background – Background Image, i’m trying add a image but nothing happens. I clik in “+Add Media”, show the media’s window, i select the image but when i back to Slider Option, nothing change…Can you helpe me? =)

  13. dwatrous

    I’ve just spent a few hours editing a one page landing page. Somehow after the last edit, all of the metabox checkboxes are cleared and I can’t see any of my metabox sections. The page still loads properly, but I’m afraid that it will get messed up if I try to guess which ones were enabled and in what quantity and get it wrong. Is there some way to recover the settings on that page?

  14. KevinLewisRandal

    The color of the menu button: Is this easy to change? Or do I need to go into the code and tinker with the css?

  15. sanderkooger

    Hey We just bought a multisite licence. Just one Feature im missing badly. On the blog and maisonary pages which look amazing im lacking the option to show only a certain post catagory. We need this feature to seperate News items from press releases. Are you guys willing to add that feature or should we build it in a child theme?

  16. mossawi

    Hi, thanks for the great theme.

  17. ricardojunoy


  18. angiegrossmann

    Looks like the link in that comment was bad. Try this instead ->

  19. blakewaddill

    I just purchased this theme and ran into issues when trying to install the required plugins. Meta Box Tabs, Themovation custom Post Types, Themovation Shortcodes, and Master Slider Pro are all giving this error: “Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.”

  20. deramosjayson

    Background attachment for the content are not working.

  21. damcify

    I really like this theme and have tested it on android and iPhone. On iPhone 6 Plus however the margins to the left and right of the text is very large. I would estimate that the each margin takes 1/3 of the width and the text takes 1/3 . Is there any way to increase the width of the text ? 25-50-25% would be more appropriate. Maybe it is an “iPhone thing”?

  22. 2codeThemes

    Nice theme, GLWS

  23. kleverthemes



    hello, I ‘m interested in your cloud/app theme. I wonder if i could check how the back office for the subscriber looks like. I figured out that with some plug ins like membership pro we can subscribe but everyone gets connected to the wp back office and does not look like professional. I want to use this theme to sell subscriptions for a sass service. either a monthly or yearly subscription.
    When the client has paid his subscription he gets access to our online software.
    Do i need to buy the plug in woo commerce subscription? will it work with your theme? thanks again

  25. rkukreja

    How to make three step menu

  26. itarab

    ?dear support
    i will buy your theme but i need first to know somethings
    1- i will get the theme empty or as it in the live demo?
    2- the add to cart option can i turn of it
    3-i have already hosting service in arvixe . so what is the theme hosting requirements?
    4-i will use one theme to show my products only and i am not professional with wordpress? are there any instruction or help to use your theme?

  27. jats_ptl

    Hi there, I am looking for theme to build it for a IT firm that deals with support,etc. Just a question – this website will have more info link and once clicked on that it will pop-up with form to get users details and once filled in he can download the pdf file. Similarly for Support they click on link and download a software for suppor (i.e teamviewer) – Is this things possible through this theme?

  28. charlesvanderhoff

    Great theme! Loving it so far. Where can we get the .psd files for the iphone screenshots? Specifically I am looking for the angled iphone psd that you used on the homepage. Thanks!

  29. in2minds

    hi – I am looking into purchasing this theme but i haven’t seen a demo page with breadcrumbs, do you have option to enable and display breadcrumbs?

  30. jreola

    What minify app do you suggest for JavaScript/CSS minification? Autoptimize doesn’t seem to work and breaks things. Tools.pingdom is giving my site an F for Combined Javascript and CSS failing. Thanks!

  31. szarshenas

    Will I be able to use this theme across multiple pages on my website?

  32. jaygregorio

    Hi. It is possible to use this theme for multiple url’s that i have? Thanks

  33. Vaultemdevteam

    Great work! Could the theme be used for multisite?

  34. maty241

    Hi, I am very interested in buying this theme but I just have one question; is it possible to easily remove the loading screen and have the website load normally? I’m not a big fan of loading screens. Thank you!

  35. oso33055

    I love the sales to comments ratio of this theme. Outstanding work!

  36. breakmygame

    Hi, love your theme! Is this also compatible with a booking plugin? like the one you used in your Entrepreneur theme?

  37. neroro

    Hi, I’m a newbie without any coding ability. Would you enlighten me on how do I changes the text/content and upload image on the Home App page? I found out that it is suitable for me to test an new mobile app idea but I have yet to figure out a way to use it properly. Thanks

  38. thoughttechnology


  39. ivangarnett

    Hi ~~I just bought the theme.
    I would like to know how to change the top left title to my site name ?

  40. YogevBenda

    Is it support RTL ?

  41. joomlastars

    good job Dear, GLWS

  42. michaelclaire

    How do I change the href to the social icons in the footer?

  43. webinane

    Very innovative product, perfectly suitable for those who want to sell one product. Very well designed and very well featured product. Well and well done.

  44. guayre


  45. gojimo

    Where are the video tutorials promised on the Themeforest listing? I found a couple of video tutorials for Bellevue, but 97% of them are useless for Stratus, and I wouldn’t have bought the theme if it didn’t advertise video tutorials.

  46. sentinelle

    Hi there, is theme compatible with IE9 ?

  47. ADifferentNinja

    Hi does this theme use exec() / exec.php or url_fopen functions?

  48. fm7285

    Is this for wordpress only or it can be used on other platforms?

  49. ferhaddd

    Hi does this theme has visual composer?

  50. ferhaddd

    can i use visual composer without problems in combination with this theme ?

  51. tpcsagip

    Hi, how can i setup this theme as one page website? and change different images like background image? Please help, newbie here

  52. sebastiaanvanduijn

    Hi, Great theme! bought it direct and implementing now. Could you tell me what Font the logo in the demo is? i would like to use it

  53. kelleemorgan

    hi, i’m considering buying this, but i am intro to wordpress and just learning…can I add a background video?

  54. katarzynajanus76

    I have a pre-sale question. How the one-page site is build? Can I put everything in one post page (Homepage) with #ids? Or do I need to create several pages to put them into the menu? Is it important for SEO reasons. I have one particular product I need to promote.

  55. meta4creations

    Wow, really impressive! Great job!

  56. ingudam

    Hi, will you please confirm if I can install on WordPress 4.4.2 or need to install on WordPress 4.3 ?

  57. audiogust

    In what file do I install tracking and conversion codes? Or is there a specific section that has a textbox i can paste the code into?

  58. awadigital

    Hello, one quick question, i see in the demo you have only 3 spaces in the footer, is there a way to put 4? i could do that with visual composer but as i read you use another one so i rather ask before buy ..Thanks

  59. jadussel

    How flexible are the forms (layout wise) and how difficult would it be to create a question that was answered by selecting one of 3 graphics?

  60. iqvis

    We bought the theme and activated the Home Startup page as home page. In the preview that page appears full screen with Video playing, but in our install, it just appears a regular slider that is not even full screen. Couldn’t find any setting or a way to upload our video.

  61. Paztt

    I just bought your template, it looks great and it’s very flexible!!
    I have 2 questions:
    1. How can I change the colour of the menu font on the one-page start page (when there is no static menu bar). My picture has a white background and so I can’t see the white menu font!
    2. How to add a Master Slider content? I found it in the Meta Box Builder and I checked “Display”-tag, but I can’t choose a Master Slider content and nothing is shown? How can I add Master Slider content and how to update to Master Slider Version 2.29.0?
    Thank you for your help!
    Best regards

  62. AnnaL8

    Your theme as a very bad documentation. 1) how to add page to site —How to || 2) how to customize the site || 3) how to assign page to a menu || 4) how to add menu.. the standard wordpress system customization or menu do not work.. I’ll be asking for refund if i can’t figure it out soon

  63. DanDiGangi

    Where are the plugins like Master Slider Pro? It’s not in the download or publicly available in the WP plugin repos. I’m missing several.

  64. tpcsagip

    where can i get my license certificate and purchase code? thanks

  65. thenewlayout

    Hi there,

  66. FrankOcean

    Hello, i am looking to buy one of your wordpress themes and wanted to ask you which do you think would suit my needs best? I am trying to create a site like It has a big logo as header, a contact button, and nicely spaced app promotional images that also have App Store/ Play Store buttons that link to the game. Which theme do you think is easiest to be able to create this layout and be able to do it all from an editor? Unless you can provide me with detailed CSS changes if needed, which i’d be more than glad to pay for. Look forward to hearing back! Thanks!

  67. Paztt

    Hi, I have the issue, that on the iPad and on the iPhone the menu bar dispersers when I scroll down and it won’t come back? Is this normal? When I check the responsive the menu bar is allays visible.
    THX for a short replay….

  68. angiegrossmann

    Hi – I just purchased your theme and can’t wait to use it! Unfortunately, I had an install failure when trying to install the recommended plugins. When I tried to submit a ticket, your site said that I didn’t have a valid purchase code (despite following your instructions for where to find the purchase code). Can you please help with these two problems? 1) Recommended plugins install fail (see:, and 2) For some reason, my plugin code appears to be invalid despite having purchased a site license through Envato. Thanks.

  69. wpinme

    A good looking theme and many thanks for submitting it to my WordPress directory!

  70. Oliver24


  71. maxiolab

    Nice clean style. Good work! Best of luck with sales.

  72. agenceline

    Hi, is there any multilingual plugin with this theme? Thanks Antoine

  73. metrothemes

    Amazing Work ! GLWS

  74. dreamingtruth

    Hello! I’m trying to find out how to change the logo on the website. My client bought this theme and doesn’t know how to use it. I searched through the theme options and there’s no place to change it. Please let me know ASAP.

  75. rdbbpos

    Hello! I wrote some codes as below in the HTML Meta Box, sub page of HTML, WYSIWYG/Rich Text Editor. This code is reference from wordpress sample. But I don’t know why the glyphicons play icon cannot be shown.

  76. rdbbpos

    I have bought Stratus Theme few days before. I would like the slider background height always equal to slider’s height instead of cropped. Can I use slider control “background size” to control it? And how to? Thanks.

  77. AliA

    nice work gud luck

  78. ankitpr89

    My company has few websites on your Pursuit Wordpress theme; can I easily migrate from Pursuit to this new theme easily?

  79. jdunns4

    Trying to use the social icons shortcode (glyphicons) and nothing works. The other non-social shortcodes show the icons just fine. But trying to use ‘social-facebook’ as an example yields nothing. Any tips?

  80. mtiago

    Hi, yesterday I bought this item, but I have a problem, some pages are not show, or don’t import well, I don´t know, the shop page with cart, checkout, don’t work, I manually had the pages but nothing shows.

  81. Arazir

    Hi, I’m having a problem with the slider. When I try to use a slider done by “Master Slider” plugin, i use the metabox of Master Slider to use the shortcode, but it doesn’t work, and always appear other slider created by “Add Content -> Sliders”. How can i put the slider of Master Slider (i’ve not problem about do it by PHP if you say me where can i do it).

  82. Bennsen84

    hi, nice theme! thank. how to disable the mobile version on iphone and ipad??

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